Arrival of the Birds Sheet Music – Download

Sheet Music – “Arrival of the Birds” is a 2008 British-American nature docudrama that checks out the excellent gathering of lower flamingos which takes place every year at Lake Natron in Tanzania as well as along the salt lakes of the African Rift Valley. It was the very first movie launched under the then-new Disneynature movie label. It premiered in France on 26 October 2008, with narrative by Zabou Breitman. The movie was launched theatrically in the UK on 29 September 2009 and direct-to-video in the United States on 19 October 2010 with narrative by Mariella Frostrup.

Arrival of the Birds Sheet Music

Arrival of the Birds Sheet Download

Arrival of the Birds Sheet Music

Arrival of the Birds Sheet Music - Download
Arrival of the Birds Sheet Music – Download
Title Arrival of the Birds
Artist The Cinematic Orchestra
Instrument Piano
Key G♭ major, E♭ minor
Styles Soundtrack
File type PDF
Pages 3
File size 61 KB



The motion picture documents the lives of the minimal flamingos on the separated shores of Lake Natron in northern Tanzania, disclosing the breeding as well as parenting practices of the varieties. After mating on an enormous salt island, the flamingos breed their chicks, who discover to endure and also mature in a severe and also unsafe environment. During their journeys, they come across marabou storks that exploit several eggs and also newly born chicks and also a spotted hyena that takes no pity on the grown-up flamingos.

As the film advances, it focuses on the life of among the flamingo chicks. The young flamingo educates herself the key practices of the types. She efficiently matures to come to be a large, pink feathery bird and also makes it through when the team is attacked by the hyena. Her tale shows the strength and resolution for life the flamingos have. The movie ends by highlighting the significance of maintaining Lake Natron from pollution and exploitation to make sure the survival of the minimal flamingos, as over 80% of birds found in nature were born here.


At the launch of the Disneynature studio in April 2008, it was revealed that the first new manufacturing from the brand-new workshop would be The Crimson Wing, which would certainly begin international release throughout 2009. However, the first film to be launched by Disneynature was the United States market release of the BBC Worldwide as well as Greenlight Media movie Planet on Earth Day 2009, making The Crimson Wing the second film to be launched by Disneynature.

The world premiere of The Crimson Wing took place on 26 October 2008 at the closing event of the CinémaScience Festival in Bordeaux, France. Beginning on 25 September 2009, The Crimson Wing was released for a minimal run in the UK solely through Cineworld movie theaters.


The soundtrack to the movie was made up as well as executed by the British jazz-electronic team The Motion picture Orchestra. The soundtrack was produced by The Motion picture Band as well as Steve McLaughlin. Teese Gohl managed the score, which was done at Air Lyndhurst by The Cinematic Orchestra as well as the London Metropolitan Band, carried out by Andy Brown. The music was mixed by McLaughlin and also The Motion Picture Band at British Grove Studios and also Northpole Workshop. On 17 September 2009 the make-up was carried out live by The Cinematic Band with the London Metropolitan Orchestra at Union Church, Islington in London. In the very same year it won the award for best initial score at the Jackson Opening Wildlife Movie Festival in Wyoming, USA on 1 October.

The initial recordings of “Arrival of the Birds” and “Makeover” from soundtrack were used in the last scene of the film The Concept of Whatever as well as in the short movie Together Besides the Cornetto Cupidity Collection. In December 2012, the tune “Arrival of the Birds” showed up in a business for the females’s fragrance Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani.

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