LA artist and producer Amber Ryann released her new single “SAID THAN DONE” today. The track is the last single before their album, Even if it falls apart, will be released on October 19. Carried by dark, oscillating synthesizers, powerful lyrics and distinctive vocals, “SAID THAN DONE” continues to showcase Amber Ryann’s diverse sound. Now listen to it below.

“‘Said Than Done’ is about the desire to move on from past trauma and realize that it has never served you, but as the title suggests, that’s always easier said than done.” She explained the song.

Amber Ryann discovered music as a source of comfort when she was young and as she got older she saw creating her own music as an opportunity to try to make sense of the world around her. The originality and diversity of her music comes from multiple sources – her father, who was a hip-hop producer, her mother, who was a fan of late ’90s R&B and hip-hop music, and the rapidly emerging emo, hardcore and alternative of the early 2000s rock scenes that caught her attention as a teenager. Her experiences as part of the LGBTQ community also have a major impact on her writing. Amber’s broad musical tastes and willingness to share her inner self with utter honesty really set her apart as an artist from her peers.

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Los Angeles-based Amber Ryann is redefining what it means to be a “triple threat” by taking the emerging artist game by storm and being in total control of her creative output. As well as being a singer, songwriter and producer, Amber is responsible for her merch design, filming her own media content, directing and editing her music videos and almost all other content for her brand. Her music has been featured in many Spotify editorial playlists such as Fresh Finds, Alternative Hip-Hop, SALT and ‘Fit Check’ and has been championed by outlets such as OnesToWatch, Earmilk and Lyrical Lemonade.

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Amber has also built a platform with other queer BIPOC fans as well as other emerging artists called Underrated Artist Season. Underrated Artist Season is a community operated online platform, stream, playlist and independent imprint. In early 2022, Amber Ryann’s apparent idea of ​​going live on TikTok to spot some artists under the radar became the actual spark of a much larger movement. Ryann quickly realized that there wasn’t a lack of demand for music listeners looking to discover truly unknown artists, but a change that needed to be made in terms of visibility and accessibility. What makes UAS so unique is that the entire platform is curated by those consuming the music, the actual music listeners. Not just one biased curator or team of biased curators. If 2020, with the explosion of TikTok, has taught us anything, it’s that music listeners really do have the power to define what’s hot, and they’re feeling stronger than ever by discovering and supporting new artists. UAS embodies a transparency and openness in the industry that artists and music listeners would like to see more.

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