Adobe Embraces AI-Generated Stock Art, Can Get In The Bin

One of the AI ​​images used by Adobe to improve their notifications

Adobe is known as the company that produced Acrobat and PhotoShop. Addobe is becoming more and more popular, however, as one of the greatest grifters of modern times.

From its outrageous subscription model to make people pay for certain colors in PhotoShop (Big shout out to Pantone there too), the company is, like everyone else in these turbulent times, more concerned with promoting its line at any cost than taking the time to consider the needs of its users, or otherwise. as a result of her actions.

I bring this up today because, less than a week after forcing people to look and not read Onion story when learning about colors thingThe company has announced that it is embracing AI technology, which is not only a great inspiration, but also a serious threat to the lives of artists in the world, big and small.

I have already expressed my opinion about AI on this site already-I wrote this feature in August interviewing various video game and entertainment industry artists– and they think it sucks not just because it’s a threat to artists, but to skill. While human actions are of course important, we’re not just talking about the cotton gin here, either how this is in many ways a waste of great work v; we’re talking about systems that tap into our core human passions and creative pursuits.

Machines don’t make technology. It’s a machine! They make almost only a casserole from human art that has been fed, in many cases without credit or compensation. As Dan Sheehan said in his own surprise Technology in the Age of ImprovementAI art is not about art, it’s just “art that exists expressly to remove the human form from the art process”.

Anyway! Last week Adobe dropped the announcement It says the AI-powered technology will be made available as part of the company’s extensive library, which so far is said to be a field that “enhances human technology”. The company said with confidence, repeatedly, things like “we have carefully considered these questions and implemented a new submission process that we believe will ensure that the things we use use AI technology and integrity by creators and customers alike”, and “generative AI is a big step forward. for creators, using the power of machine learning to quickly develop through image enhancement using words, graphics, and emotions”.

Creators? Angry! These people are not creating anything! They type words into the fed computer actually skill! And even if Adobe could, as they claim, only release images that are “well-constructed, usable, and expressive”, it’s still scary! Gah! Trying to be nice one of AI art’s issues-art theft-does not eliminate it from the rest of it, like the fact that nothing to do with these pictures or their creation has anything to do with art!

The reaction among artists has certainly been as negative as any announcement of AI technology in the past six months, with some criticizing the company while others are crying out for tradition: that is, artists are just plagiarizing PhotoShop instead of giving this company another cent.


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