50 Front Porch Ideas to Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal

For a home in need of a refresh, implementing front porch ideas is a smart way to increase curb appeal without spending like crazy. Still, designing a porch is not a task to be taken lightly. If home is where the heart is, then the porch is where the soul resides. Each porch is not only unique to your home, but also unique to your style. “This is a place where you can express yourself and your creativity,” says Jennifer Hunter, owner of Jennifer Hunter Design in New York. “Regardless of the type, a porch provides the ideal opportunity to add seating and decor, allowing you to play with the aesthetic and mix it up to connect your interior with the outdoors using weather-friendly materials.” Before committing to the designing, you should consider what type of porch you have. Is it front entry or wraparound? Does it have space for adequate seating? Should you add greenery or a sculptural element or even a new doormat?

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What types of canopies are there?

The most popular types of porches include open porches and bungalow porches. Open porches, also known as farmhouse porches, have strong support from the ground and can run along the front or wrap around the sides of the house. This type of porch can be elevated or rest at ground level. “They often have a wide opening to the adjacent green space and usually no roofs,” says Linda Mauck Smith, co-owner and designer of BLDC Design in Shaker Heights, Ohio. “A bungalow porch serves as an extension of the front of a house and is usually built with columns and topped off with a roof or pergola.” Both open and bungalow porches can also be screened to make the area bug free. A portico, a porch covering a front entrance, is usually on the smaller side. It is also covered to protect anyone entering or exiting the main entrance. A gabled porch, which has a triangular structure hanging over it, and a front entry porch, which is a small concrete slab just outside the front door, are two other popular porch designs.

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How to design a front terrace?

Design a porch just like any other room in the house, but consider the materials used – similar to designing an outdoor patio. “It’s best to style with woods, metals, and fabrics that are water and fade resistant,” says Mauck Smith.

If your porch or patio has enough space, seating is essential. “A porch is the perfect place for socializing,” says Hunter. “It’s a space to be enjoyed. Create a seating area with chairs and end tables.” A comfortable seating area not only allows you to spend time on your porch, but makes the home feel more inviting overall.

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How can I make my porch look beautiful?

“Avoid cliche signage and stick with it [items] you would normally use more indoors,” says Hunter. To make the porch look good and maybe cause the envy of the neighborhood, make the space a continuation of your interior design. “It’s a great place to have fun and add outdoor-friendly accessories,” Hunter continues. “Be inventive with your styling by grouping a collection of potted plants on a coffee table or a single fern on a garden stool. Lanterns or votives are a great way to bring in not only decorative elements, but also candlelight. It completely transforms the mood and allows you to entertain the bygone daylight.”

Ahead, 50 front porch ideas big and small to transform the front door into everything from a new favorite book corner to a happy hour hotspot. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about porch design.

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