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Gärtner’s carry-all

Crafted from white pine with a maple handle, this traditional garden basket will help your mom carry freshly harvested produce from her vegetable patch. Sure, they’re fresh and divine, but also covered in earth. The mesh underneath makes it easy for her to hose down her fruit and veg before going inside. The basket is also sturdy and pretty enough to take to the farmers market.

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Plant Ladies T-Shirt

In a world of cat moms and dog dames, make your mom a stylish plant lady with this embarrassingly soft cotton shirt. She can wear it to run errands, for her evening walks, or anywhere she wants to let people know that she’s a plant lady who loves her veggie friends so much. It comes in a variety of colors so you can pick as many as she likes for her to wear all week long.

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garden kneeler

Maintaining a garden isn’t the easiest thing, but with this garden kneeler, you can rest assured that your mom can spend time doing her favorite activity (gardening) and relieve the pressure and pain on her knees. It is sturdy and lightweight, convenient and folds to save space. It also comes with gloves and two large tool bags.

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Solar snake defense

If your mother’s endless war with snakes and rodents like rats in her garden is always the theme of the season, get her a solar snake repellent that will kiss her pesky guests goodbye. It is solar powered, waterproof and has a radius of about 65 feet, leaving an intolerable environment for snakes and rodents, forcing them to leave.

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gardening apron

Any gardener will appreciate an apron with pockets for all the tools they need to take care of their plants. This beautiful apron has built in pockets, not only for carrying garden tools, your mom can carry everything from seeds to freshly picked veggies. The straps are strong and beautifully sewn in and adapt to any body size.

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Custom Garden Stake

Help your mother add a special and unique touch to her garden with this personalized metal sign. Measuring 15 inches wide by 19.5 inches tall, it comes in a collection of colors and styles (think stars, butterflies, or hummingbirds). This is a tribute to her beautiful green babies. Add your mother’s name and style for a stunning Mother’s Day gift.

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Wildvioletta gardener gift box

If your mom loves to get her hands in the dirt then this fun gift set is for her. It’s filled with healing balm and cuticle cream, tea tree soap, a stick of organic eucalyptus, and a two-sided nailbrush. The tin can also be used as storage for seeds, tags, etc. Add green gardening gloves for an extra cost and you’ll melt her heart.

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“The Four Seasons Farm Gardener’s Cookbook”

That’s two books in one! Help your mom put her hard work to good use with this 496-page cookbook by Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman, featuring 120 recipes and step-by-step gardening instructions. These recipes will balance your garden with your kitchen for the best tasting dishes all year round.

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