2022 LEGO Winter Village – Icons Holiday Main Street (10308) Now Listed

Thanks to its core concept of building and assembling, LEGO has long penetrated numerous and diverse niche hobbies. model railways? LEGO has gotten a lot of sets for this over the years. Their lines of vehicles, particularly Technic, rivaled traditional plastic model kits. Even LEGO Botanical, with its brick flowers, holds its own aesthetically better than artificial flowers. But the best work LEGO does is undoubtedly model building. And with the 2022 holiday season approaching, her latest addition to the Winter Village set line is ready. In fact, LEGO Shop online has it listed.

brickset tells us that LEGO Icons (formerly Creator Expert) Winter Village Set 2022 has finally been unveiled. If you felt the previous Winter Village sets were too “resident”, then take heart. Icons Holiday Main Street (10308) is anything but. Build a bustling commercial center for your LEGO Winter Village with two storefronts and some public transport. Nothing says “traditional” Christmas shopping quite like a visit to a toy or music store. Shoppers with shopping bags can then wait at a curbside stop for the Main Street cable car. And the waiting doesn’t get boring, because next door a mailbox, a clock and a Christmas tree provide variety.

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Expect the Icons Winter Village Holiday Main Street (10308) to launch next month, on October 7th. More product details below:

Holiday Main Street (10308)

Age 18+ | 1,514 pieces | 6 minifigures | $99.99 | Coming October 7th

Full of Christmas spirit, the LEGO® Holiday Main Street (10308) set is the latest addition to the popular LEGO Winter Village Collection. Build a cute Christmas village with a toy shop, a music shop and buyers as well as the shopkeepers and their cozy homes. Then build the tram ready to take shoppers home after a fun outing.

  • A holiday tradition – Have fun crafting all the details of this buildable Holiday Main Street (10308) model, featuring a toy store, music store, shoppers, shopkeepers and their cozy homes
  • Hop on the Tram – Assemble all the details of the tram to transport the minifigures. It is decorated for Christmas and has 4 seats for passengers
  • Let’s go shopping – Visit Santa’s Toys and Games and H. Jollie’s Music Store to find toys and musical instruments all waiting to make Christmas dreams come true
  • Time to Relax – After work, shopkeepers can relax in their homes. Discover cozy details with a tree, presents and a bed in the toy shop and a dining area in the music shop
  • 6 Minifigures – Bring the LEGO® Christmas Village to life with the minifigure ensemble from the set. There are 2 buyers, a child who sends a letter to Santa, 2 shopkeepers and a tram driver
  • Powered Up Compatible – Motorize the model by adding LEGO® Powered Up and the option to add your own tracks and lights (all sold separately).

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